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Dr. Brett Dworkis

Testimonial for Sinus Problems:

Cole had RSV as an infant, (2 weeks old), that weakened his immune system, (so the doctors say). He had chronic ear infections up to 16 months old, as well as repeated sinusitis, strep throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as asthma that he has outgrown for the most part. He has always had allergies that have needed to be treated with prescription medication. He has basically been on antibiotics his whole life. He had an adenoidectomy in November of 2004, then a full blown sinus surgery in March of 2005 that did not improve his condition. His ENT recommended another sinus surgery a few months ago because Cole's condition was getting worse. That's when we brought him to Brett. He now sleeps through the night, (he has never done that his entire life), he finally has an appetite, his overall mood has improved significantly, he has no drainage where before he had a constant runny nose throughout the year regardless of the season, and he doesn't need to take his allergy medication even though this is usually the worst time of year for him with his allergies. In addition, he has not complained of a headache once since we started taking him to Brett, where before, he would get actual migraines and vomit because the pain was so bad.

I can't begin to tell you how thankful we are to Brett and everything that he has done for him.

Angela N.

A Special Chiropractor

Our story begins a little over five years ago when my son, Tanner, was diagnosed with his first ear infection. The doctor proceeded to put him on antibiotics. After ten days the infection was still there. So, we started another round, then another, then another. This went on for approximately 7-8 months. I had finally had enough of my son having this constant ear infection and the doctor only wanting to treat with the same antibiotic that obviously wasn't working.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and inquired about having tubes placed in both ears by an ENT specialist. I contacted the ENT, he also agreed that tube placement would be the next necessary step to help alleviate the fluid trapped in his ears.

The surgery went well and the tubes stayed in place for almost a year, but bad news would soon follow. The fluid would soon re-appear. We went in for his second set of tubes just as Tanner would turn two years old. the ENT had chose to use "T" tubes because they are known for staying in 1 1/2 to 2 years. One year later the "T" tubes would also dislodge from the eardrum. Unfortunately, Tanner would endure two more surgeries. (We are self-employed, so you as you can imagine, the insurance company would deny the last two surgeries which left us to come up with the money out of pocket. OUCH!!)

Now this brings us up to date. We went to the ENT for his usual six week check to once again find fluid and the last set of tubes slipping out of place. I couldn't believe we were possibly facing a fifth set of tubes. I began thinking that there must be something else we can do because surgery wasn't helping us for very long for the amount of money that we were having to pay. (The last set began to slip out of place within 3 months of the surgery.) I was so upset about putting Tanner through this again and also trying to find the money to pay for this. What was I going to do? The ENT gave us six more weeks to make the decision. July 26th would be judgement day.

This is where Dr. Brett comes in. I was seeing Dr. Brett for a back injury and began telling him about Tanner's situation. He was very eager to set Tanner up on a 12-visit treatment plan. Meaning Dr. Brett wanted to get 12 adustments in before our July 26th ENT appointment. I was nervous, yet curious and hopeful. Dr. Brett talked with us and gave us information to take home and read about performing chiropractic adjustments on children. After talking with my husband, we began treatment the following week. Tanner loved seeing Dr. Brett and handled each adjustment wonderfully. Tanner would often tell others about the "hugs" Dr. Brett used and that it didn't hurt. "It feels good".

As the next few weeks progressed, I was watching Tanner's ears for some "sign" that the adjustments were working. (Now, I need to tell you that Tanner's ears have always had thick, sticky wax around the outside of the canal opening. I believe this was because his ears were not draining properly.) After the fourth week of adjustments I began to notice that I didn't need to clean his ear as frequently as I had in the past. Was this my "sign" I was looking for? I mentioned this to Dr. Brett at our next visit but was still holding my excitement until we had confirmation from the ENT.

Two more weeks passed and July 26th had finally arrived. We waited anxiously for the ENT to come in. When he did, I sat quietly awaiting the results. (I had never metioned to the ENT about my decision to try a chiropractic approach for healing Tanner's chronic fluid retention.) The ENT began his exam, "First ear looks good but the second is still showing some redness but no fluid". I had him repeat his findings. YEAH!! NO SURGERY!! We left the doctor's building with the biggest smile in our hearts and couldn't wait to tell everyone of the success.

First, we thanked God for healing Tanner then we drove to DR. Brett's office and thanked him personally. We will be forever grateful for God, Dr. Brett and the chiropractic care we received and continue too.

Kellie W.

After trying other chiropractors, Dr. Brett has been Great!

Brandon H.

My neck & back had been killing me for several months. I had been to another chiropractor off & on. Now I feel much better, I'm working out on a regular basis, and the stretching exercises have helped tremendously.

Julie B.

After having a car wreck, I had had pain in my back, neck and hips. The doctor tried to give me pills, and someone told me I should try a chiropractor. After seeing Dr. Brett, I was able to sit and walk right. And sleep without a sharp pain in my butt. Also the doctor wanted to do three different tests to see why my finger was twice the size it should be. After one x-ray, he saw I had arthritis, adjusted, and I have had no problems since. And these are just a few of the things he has done for me!

Anne G.

I had a really bad pinched nerve and made it impossible to sleep. A friend at my church told me about Dr. Brett. In just one treatment I could get some sleep. I was shocked as I thought it would take a number of times before I would feel better. Dr. Brett did in less than one week what it took medical doctors and physical therapists a month to do. Some months later my husband tripped and his back had a problem. I told him to come to Dr. Brett. I brought him out to his office. Dr. Brett said he thoguth he should have x-rays. Well we had a BIG shock to find out my husband had an aneurysm. Dr. Brett was able to get Lyle, my husband out of pain and then he had surgery. Lyle & I both have a lot to thank Dr. Brett for. We think he saved Lyles' life!

Paulette T.

Dr. Brett has made walking easier & more enjoyable after treatments. He has shown me many various stretches and exerecises. I look forward to each visit, knowing I will be able to handle whatever the day may throw at me. I'm able to stand for longer periods of time, and straighter upright. He has always been able to get me in with my schedule during tax time. Thank You Dr. Brett!

Jamie C.

I saw Dr. Brett after suffering low back pain for months. I was unable to exercise and work without constant pain. Now, after coming to Doc, I feel that I am in great shape and improving every day. With the help they provide with wellness, the Better Body Challenge, and Support. What a great place to come. Thanks Performance Chiropractic for EVERYTHING!!!

Pat S.