Think! The Third of the January Trilogy

Think!  The Second Video of our January Trilogy of Seminars

In Think! Dr. Brett talks about why positive thinking ain't enough!  In this seminar, presented from Performance chiropractic, Tuesday, January 26th, 2015, Dr. Brett discussed why Positive Thinking isn't enough.  It's important, but Dr. Brett presents 8 additional strategies to set you up to be able to make significant, long-standing changes in your life.  Learn how to determine what you want from your life, how your story may be holding you back, how to access your drive, how to change your 'story', how to establish rituals for your success, how to visualize, how to utilize an accountability network, and how to answer "Why?"  Let Dr. Brett help you attain your goals not only this year, but for your life!  Enjoy!